Broken Sex Doll Touring in 2014

Photo of model Paula Burrows by Emily Cooper.

Tour Dates Announced

March 27, 2014

Happy World Theatre Day!

Today the Magnetic North Theatre Festival officially announced that it will be presenting Broken Sex Doll from June 20-24, 2014 at the Dunn Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

This past Monday, The Cultch also announced that Broken Sex Doll will be featured as part of its 2014-15 Season at their newly renovated York Theatre from November 12-22, 2014.

These two engagements represent the beginning of our 2014 Canadian Tour! Stay tuned for further announcements!

Our Official 2014 Broken Sex Doll Touring Cast

The Virtual Stage is thrilled to announce our sexy 2014 Broken Sex Doll cast lineup:

Award-winning musical theatre performers Chelsea Rose Tucker and Andrew Cohen will perform in the lead roles of Ginger and Daryl. Cirque du Soleil alumnus Neezar will be returning as The King. Jessie Award winner Greg Armstrong-Morris will play The King's Mom and Lars the Repair Man.

Our gorgeous ensemble includes returning star cast members Georgia Swinton and Dustin Freeland. New cast members joining us this year are Ovation Award Winner Alex Gullason, CBC Triple Sensation Finalist Joel Ballard, the lovely and talented Adriana Ravalli, and dynamic rock tenor Ian Rozylo.

Andy Toth, who performed in the 2013 World Premiere of Broken Sex Doll at The Cultch, is returning this year as the Musical Director.

This stunning cast consists of some of the brightest lights in Vancouver's musical theatre scene, and we're thrilled to share this new production of Andy Thompson and Anton Lipovetsky's sci-fi musical sex comedy with the world!