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On Death's Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome

Must close November 2, 2014!

What They're Saying About On Death's Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome (2014)

"BIG congrats to @TheVirtualStage for another awesome #zombiesyndrome . New show, new "venue", new challenges and new FUN!"
- Johanna M Ward, host of Shaw TV's Lifestyle show "The Express", via Twitter

"Best zombie/Halloween activity in Vancouver, and I've done it all. Take some friends and blow their minds"
- Paul Connors via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook 

"We had an awesome time! Just wish there were more adventures throughout the year!"
- Meghan Edwards via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook 

"Much praise to @TheVirtualStage for the #ZombieSyndrome! Scary and super, super fun."
- Monica Vuong via Twitter

"2014: Amazing as always! Fabulous work everyone!"
- Caitlin Anne Bryantvia The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook 

"Thank you to @TheVirtualStage for an awesome night last night - blew my mind!"
- Clinton Shard via Twitter

"Second year doing this and it was lots of fun....still haven't beat the zombies yet though. Well there is always next year to try again. My husband and I really enjoy doing this event."
- Tracy Carlson via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook 

"Our mission succeeded! And yet, the zombies are STILL loose on the streets of the city. The DND agents we interacted with were highly professional and a credit to our nation. Join now! If you have any interest in horror, interactive theatre, or ripping good yarns, you will want to attend the 2014 mission The Zombie Syndrome: On Death's Door. Help the Virtual Stage save the city...and the world...before it's too late!"
- William Gibson via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook 

"So should you go? Absolutely. It’s a fun night out with friends. The actors involved seemed to have a grand time in their roles, and improvised well off of the 'audience' cues. This chilling production of 'On Death’s Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome' is astounding. A sophisticated plot and talented actors keep you enthralled as you work with your team to try surviving the night. Trust me when I say, not everyone will make it out alive. All in all, it is a really fun and interactive way to get in some quality time with a big group of friends, or to meet some new ones when you join your fellow teammates! Andy Thompson has really outdone himself this year and it just keeps getting better. So thanks Andy, for successfully scaring the crap out of me again this year, I look forward to what is coming next!"
- Laura Sutherland & Amanda Miller Living Myth Magazine

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My friend and I did our part to assist with the outbreak last night! It was EPIC! I have not had this much fun...uh, I mean been so serious about a mission ever. The entire production was excellent. No spoilers, but you really do get to experience many different scenarios and areas. All the actors were amazing and made the entire night plausible (and SUPER fun!). It helps if you or some in the group get into it right away and are not shy to speak up. Remember, they are counting on us to help figure it all out. Time goes by quickly and you feel like you've accomplished A LOT by the end. A very well balanced night. I loved every bit of it and would recommend this to anyone who has a sense of adventure and wants to do something unique and very cool! THANKS to everyone involved for being so entertaining and professional!!! Can't wait until next year."
- AC via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook

"The year just isn't complete w/o an evening with #zombiesyndrome! Very epic, very fun!"
- Kingsley Chan via Twitter

"#ZombieSyndrome in downtown Vancouver was awesome... highly recommended!!"
- DЯeddy via Twitter

"Surprise is a big part of the fun... It’s fun to play downtown with a bunch of adults... Playing together may be the best inoculation we all have, our best protection from turning into zombies."
- Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

"We did it last night and had a blast!! Hope we don't have to save the world again next year but if we are needed we will be there!!!"
- Denise Clarkson via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook

"I did it last night too, so much scary fun. I'm glad that I was the Electrician!!! Will help save the world next year too!"
- Nancy Clarkson via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook

"I can't wait to go next year! I had so much fun this year!"
- Jess Brady via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook



(Vancouver, B.C.) A classified Department of National Defence video of an anonymous drug dealer explaining the lethal effects of a dangerous new street drug know as "Death's Door" has been leaked this morning.

A source close to the case has confirmed that the Centre for Disease Control has now teamed with Canada's Department of National Defence to analyze this new, highly addictive party drug that is rapidly turning countless people into violent, cannibalistic zombies. The Death's Door drug, which is sold in pill form and can be swallowed, snorted, smoked or injected appears to have been laced with the same Zombie Syndrome virus that has plagued ‪#‎Vancouver‬ streets for years. Organized crime is widely considered to be responsible for its creation and distribution.

The DND is calling all brave citizens to duty on an undercover mission to combat this ‪#‎zombie‬ ‪#‎plague‬ and infiltrate the criminal network responsible for this ‪#‎epidemic‬. Act Now!


Heed The Call To Duty! Your Country Needs You! You Are The Best Of The Best!



Deadly zombies have overtaken the streets of Vancouver! Citizens are being challenged with a high-stakes mission to save the world before the deadly Zombie Syndrome spreads across the globe, destroying mankind. 

Unfortunately, the Centre for Disease Control has recently discovered that the genetic material active in the Zombie Syndrome virus is somehow being laced in a highly potent and extremely addictive street drug known as “Death’s Door.” Officials from the Department of National Defence, desperate for reinforcements, are once again calling audience members to duty.

In this all-new interactive, smartphone-enabled, thrill-seeking and clue-breaking adventure, audiences must infiltrate the shady criminal network responsible for creating and distributing the Death’s Door drug, stem the pandemic, and save the world. Elite participants will be informed of the secret location’s rendezvous point in Vancouver, BC from October 7 to November 2, 2014. 

Tickets available here! Like our Zombie Syndrome 2014 Facebook Page for more details!


Broken Sex Doll Touring Canada in 2014

Greg Armstrong-Morris & Neezar in the touring production of Broken Sex Doll. Photo by Scott Munn.

“Musically rich, technically innovative and purely fun. It already feels like a cult classic.”
  - Elissa Barnard, The Chronicle Herald (Halifax), on Broken Sex Doll

Canadian Tour Launched at Magnetic North in Halifax 

The Virtual Stage is pleased to announce that its smash hit, sci-fi musical sex comedy Broken Sex Doll – written and directed by Andy Thompson with music by Anton Lipovetsky – is touring Canada this year!

The cutting-edge musical, touted as the “Breakout hit of the season” and “The Next Big Thing in Canadian theatre” recently launched the tour in Halifax at Canada's Magnetic North Theatre Festival at The Dunn Theatre at The Dalhousie Arts Centre. This fall, Broken Sex Doll will see a two-week remount at The Cultch's newly renovated York Theatre from November 12 - 22, 2014 before heading to The Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse from November 26 - 29, 2014. The show will then return to the Lower Mainland just in time for the holiday season at the Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam from December 16 - 20, 2014!

The world premiere of Broken Sex Doll garnered seven Jessie Richardson Award nominations and six Ovation Award nominations in 2013, including Outstanding Production and Outstanding Direction, winning awards for Outstanding New Work, Outstanding Original Composition and Outstanding Costume Design.

Listen to Broken Sex Doll creator Andy Thompson talk with Halifax radio personality Colin Sweets here.

Stay tuned to the Broken Sex Doll Facebook page for information and updates!

Upcoming 2014 Canadian Tour Dates

York Theatre at The Cultch: November 12 - 22, 2014
Tickets will be available by clicking here or by calling 604-251-1363 

Yukon Arts Centre: November 26 - 19, 2014
Tickets will be available by clicking here or by calling 867-667-8574 

Evergreen Cultural Centre: December 16 - 20, 2014
Tickets will be available by clicking here or by calling 604-927-6555