Overview & Mandate

Who We Are

What is The Virtual Stage?
We are a theatre and film production company dedicated, among other things, to the application of emerging technologies in live performance. To support and enhance storytelling, our group of theatre, film and high-tech professionals integrates technologies such as computer animation, cinematic projection and digital sound into the theatrical experience. We challenge the border between theatre and film with new media, incorporating a new script writing form, new staging practices and a unique developmental process for the stage -- facilitating the arrival of an exciting and inevitable art form: The Virtual Stage!

The Virtual Stage Arts Society is a registered charity (BN#: 867070849RR0001). To donate, click here.

Our Mandate

The mission statement of The Virtual Stage is:

  • To foster the development and production of new and established dramatic works which illuminate and educate the audience on issues of contemporary social relevance;
  • To investigate the fusion of the cinematic and theatrical art forms;
  • To investigate how emerging technologies can support and enhance storytelling;
  • To encourage the development of methods which incorporate such technologies;
  • To facilitate community awareness and education in this emerging art form and related methods through productions, workshops, seminars and exhibitions