The Board

2024 Board Members

Virtual Stage President: Jono FreedrixJono Freedrix, MEd

board member since 2010

Jono Freedrix first became a board member while he was working as a high school film teacher. He has produced award-winning student-directed films for the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration as well as The Vancouver Jewish Film Festival and Vancouver Amnesty International Film Festival. Jono also makes stop motion movies and has produced and written several short films in Vancouver & New York, including Bloody Mary and Sucklepump.

Virtual Stage Vice-President: Sanja Boskovic, PhDSanja Boskovic, PhD

board member since 2006

Sanja is Department Head and the lead VClass Thermodynamics and Applied Mechanics instructor for BCIT's Power Engineering innovative distance education methodologies. She launches successful on site programs and ensures successful completion for all students. She has been pivotal in establishing quality instruction for clients like Norske Canada and Celgar Pulp Mill. She is also the WebCT administrator for all Power Engineering projects and support instructors during multiple internal and industry specific projects. Sanja arranges and conducts effective on site plant tours for day students to various plants, and seamlessly integrates the tours into applied learning for her lessons. Sanja is extremely effective with all students, and particularly with new inexperienced students or those long from school.

Alysha Heller, BA, BEd, MEd

board member since 2011

Alysha brings a global perspective to The Virtual Stage, representing the company from Winterthur, Switzerland - a city well-known for its arts and culture scene. Alysha has worked in Trinidad, China, Mongolia, Ghana, Switzerland and Canada with children and adults in drama and drama production since 2005. She is keenly interested in musical theatre and has directed large cast productions of Music Man Junior (2008, 2010), The High School Musical (2009), Fiddler on the Roof (2011), and Once Upon a Mattress (2013).

The Virtual Stage's Member-at-Large: Angela HamreAngela Hamre, BA

board member since 2012

Angela has 10 years of experience working in the social services sector.  She has a wide range of abilities in this area, having worked in the counselling field, with women in the Downtown East Side, as well as with youth who have addictions challenges.  She holds a BA in Psychology (UBC) since 2007 and currently works in the Burnaby School District with at-risk kids.  She loves her work and the opportunity to use her skill set to provide new experiences for youth.  As a person with a keen interest in personal development, Angela is very active and plays a variety of sports, including softball, raquet sports and yoga.  She is thrilled to be the newest member on the Board of Directors of The Virtual Stage Arts Society, after admiring the work of the company for many years.