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Having survived their latest encounter within the theatrical environs Vancouver surprisingly unscathed and not much worse for wear, Enigma Arcana looks to the future with a renewed sense of purpose.

The company's little studio - cozily nestled in the heart of the Mount Pleasant district in Vancouver- is literally (and this is not meant in the sense of the figurative connotation that this word has inexplicably fallen into) literally bursting at the seams. If you don't believe it, why not visit them yourselves and if you're lucky you just might see something you never thought to imagine.


Formed as an entity in 1994 for the purposes of creating a fully equipped custom design studio to serve the respective film, television and theatrical worlds, Enigma Arcana has managed to establish a reputation for versatility and originality of design and an uncompromising rigor in technique, execution and finish. If it seems little is outside their forte, they would beg to differ. For, in fact, they pursue projects for both their novelty as well as the necessary challenge of creating something new from their own sweat and blood.

They could cite a laundry list of productions they have designed and built for. They could mention a roll call of performers for whom they have tailored an outfit or ten, making their best look just that much better. But would you rather read or see what they are all about for yourself?


Having recently completed a wonderfully absurd and outrageous fleet of retro-sci-fi styled jumpsuits for SPANK! (a highlight for many who saw the production) Enigma Arcana is currently pursuing several projects, a couple of which may even offer the benefit of a paycheque.


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Phone: 604-876-4107