On October 20, 2006, the world premiere of Andy Thompson's absurdist sci-fi comedy SPANK! closed to a standing ovation at the Roundhouse.


Peter Wilson as the Designer in SPANK!  Photo by Nenad Stevanovic.  Costume by Enigma Arcana.


"Fantastic... lots of fun to be had... high-tech staging... totally trippy..."
"Sasa Brown... delivers the knockout performance in an evening of solid acting... This woman is going to be a star."
"The production is a significant achievement for this whole group of artists, especially Thompson."

- Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight


"...Wow, what a fabulous looking production. I don't even have the vocabulary to describe some of the dazzling visual effects... Gee, Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore."

- Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier


"SPANK! is a tight piece of work that addresses the evolution of theatre and narrative resources at our disposal. I was thrilled at this smart piece of innovative theatre."

- Stephen Drover, Artistic Director, Pound of Flesh Theatre


"More than 'multimedia theatre', this is theatre for those who hate theatre, film for those who hate film, existentialism for those who love to navel gaze and fun for those who love fun."

- Isabella Mari,


In Detail

A lonely, renegade genetic researcher injects himself with a DNA-altering prototype intended to make him enlightened, only to learn that his life is not what it appears. As his genetic composition unravels, so too does this light-hearted romp to the heavens. SPANK! is a meditation on the unlimited power of an underdeveloped mind: for the angel (and devil) in all of us.

Warning: some vulgar language and mature content.

Written and Directed by Andy Thompson
Starring Sasa Brown, Natalie Kardum, Raphael Kepinski, Yurij Kis, Una Memisevic, Peter New and Peter Wilson
Stage Manager Jaimie Tait

Composition and Sound Design Patrick Pennefather*
Set Design Cat Mudryk*
Lighting Design John Popkin*
Costume Design Enigma Arcana and Cat Mudryk
Rigging Design Tallis Kirby
Rigging Operator James Foy
Visuals Design Jamie Nesbitt
3D Visual Elements Jason Daigneault, Greg Ditson and Adam Jones
Live Rendering Design Jamie Griffiths
Dramaturgy John Murphy

*Jessie award winning designer

Is there a God?  And if so, what's up with that?

A special "thank you" to our production sponsors and partners:

Produced with the generous support of The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company and the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre.

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