Extraterrestrials crash on earth amidst zombie plague in
ALL-NEW installment of acclaimed Halloween event!

October 6 - November 1, 2015

At a secret location in Vancouver, BC

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All-New Undead Theatre Adventure Coming This Fall:
Alien Contagion: Rise of the Zombie Syndrome

The Virtual Stage presents an all-new, immersive and spine-tingling theatrical adventure with Alien Contagion: Rise of the Zombie SyndromeOctober 6 to November 1, 2015 at a top-secret location in Vancouver. This dramatic and gripping new production marks the fourth year of the company’s smash-hit Zombie Syndrome Halloween event, which has previously seen teams of audience members working together to save the world and conquer the undead in downtown Vancouver (2012), on Granville Island (2013), and in Gastown (2014).

Confidential Mission Overview

This year, audiences are tasked to respond to a highly confidential NASA report about a downed Unidentified Flying Object that has crashed on earth. The exact location is unknown. To add to the mystery, the alien pilot is reportedly injured, has escaped and is hiding in Vancouver. Furthermore, every NASA official sent to locate the UFO has returned in a zombie-like state. In this interactive, smartphone-enabled and clue-breaking adventure, brave and adventurous audience members must find the downed spacecraft, quell the nearby zombie uprising and ultimately save the human race from the brink of extinction.

Disclaimer: Rated PG-13. Contains zombies and other mature subject matter. Children under the age of 13 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Stay Informed

For more information, updates, and declassified information regarding this year’s mission, follow The Virtual Stage on Twitter: @TheVirtualStage, ‘like’ The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook, or visit The Virtual Stage’s FAQ page. Be sure to tweet about your mission’s success or failure and announce your team’s score with the hashtag: #ZombieSyndrome.

Production Credits

A production by THE VIRTUAL STAGE 
Conceived, Written, Directed & Co-Produced by ANDY THOMPSON
Production Manager TEE CRANE
Technical Director & Site Manager MICHAEL BROOKS
Alien Design by KYLE HUCULAK
Lead Makeup Designer ELIZABETH McLEOD
Costume Design by NATALIE COLLINS
Box Office & Website Design ADAM JONES


Jake Anthony, Stephanie Bally, Lukas Bell, Odile Brooks, Eva Butterly, Tyler Clarke, Keane French, Sinead Grewcock, Jennifer Henry-Warnock, Jared Hubicka, Jennifer Hughes, Rowan Jang, Lauren Lee, Amelia MacKenzie-Gray-Hyre, Darcy Millar, Nathan Tran, Rachel Waterlow, Rosie Weir & Molly Wilson.

Past Zombie Syndrome Productions: Reviews & Media

"BIG congrats to @TheVirtualStage for another awesome #zombiesyndrome . New show, new "venue", new challenges and new FUN!"
- Johanna M Ward, host of Shaw TV's Lifestyle show "The Express", via Twitter

"Best zombie/Halloween activity in Vancouver, and I've done it all. Take some friends and blow their minds"
- Paul Connors via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook 

"We had an awesome time! Just wish there were more adventures throughout the year!"
- Meghan Edwards via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook 

"Much praise to @TheVirtualStage for the #ZombieSyndrome! Scary and super, super fun."
- Monica Vuong via Twitter

"2014: Amazing as always! Fabulous work everyone!"
- Caitlin Anne Bryantvia The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook 

"Thank you to @TheVirtualStage for an awesome night last night - blew my mind!"
- Clinton Shard via Twitter

"Second year doing this and it was lots of fun....still haven't beat the zombies yet though. Well there is always next year to try again. My husband and I really enjoy doing this event."
- Tracy Carlson via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook 

"Our mission succeeded! And yet, the zombies are STILL loose on the streets of the city. The DND agents we interacted with were highly professional and a credit to our nation. Join now! If you have any interest in horror, interactive theatre, or ripping good yarns, you will want to attend the 2014 mission The Zombie Syndrome: On Death's Door. Help the Virtual Stage save the city...and the world...before it's too late!"
- William Gibson via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook 

"So should you go? Absolutely. It’s a fun night out with friends. The actors involved seemed to have a grand time in their roles, and improvised well off of the 'audience' cues. This chilling production of 'On Death’s Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome' is astounding. A sophisticated plot and talented actors keep you enthralled as you work with your team to try surviving the night. Trust me when I say, not everyone will make it out alive. All in all, it is a really fun and interactive way to get in some quality time with a big group of friends, or to meet some new ones when you join your fellow teammates! Andy Thompson has really outdone himself this year and it just keeps getting better. So thanks Andy, for successfully scaring the crap out of me again this year, I look forward to what is coming next!"
- Laura Sutherland & Amanda Miller Living Myth Magazine

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My friend and I did our part to assist with the outbreak last night! It was EPIC! I have not had this much fun...uh, I mean been so serious about a mission ever. The entire production was excellent. No spoilers, but you really do get to experience many different scenarios and areas. All the actors were amazing and made the entire night plausible (and SUPER fun!). It helps if you or some in the group get into it right away and are not shy to speak up. Remember, they are counting on us to help figure it all out. Time goes by quickly and you feel like you've accomplished A LOT by the end. A very well balanced night. I loved every bit of it and would recommend this to anyone who has a sense of adventure and wants to do something unique and very cool! THANKS to everyone involved for being so entertaining and professional!!! Can't wait until next year."
- AC via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook

"The year just isn't complete w/o an evening with #zombiesyndrome! Very epic, very fun!"
- Kingsley Chan via Twitter

"#ZombieSyndrome in downtown Vancouver was awesome... highly recommended!!"
- DЯeddy via Twitter

"Surprise is a big part of the fun... It’s fun to play downtown with a bunch of adults... Playing together may be the best inoculation we all have, our best protection from turning into zombies."
- Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

"We did it last night and had a blast!! Hope we don't have to save the world again next year but if we are needed we will be there!!!"
- Denise Clarkson via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook

"I did it last night too, so much scary fun. I'm glad that I was the Electrician!!! Will help save the world next year too!"
- Nancy Clarkson via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook

"I can't wait to go next year! I had so much fun this year!"
- Jess Brady via The Zombie Syndrome on Facebook

"A suspenseful good time... This project has the makings of a seasonal tradition... with brain eating... There’s a delicious giddiness in wondering what the heck you’re going to have to do... The coolest part is still the suspense: not knowing when zombies are going to pop up... My favourite part was running for my life."
- Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"This production is superbly done and would not be out of place at Disneyworld or Universal studios. I can’t recommend it to others enough."
- Vancouver Vantage

"Much of the show’s success comes from its continued surprises. The technical details and route design are most impressive. Each cast member takes to their role with aplomb. Go see this show: you will feel young and charmed, delighted to have experienced the creativity of adventure time."
- Zoe Grams, VancouverScape

"Truly gruesome... chillingly, thoroughly military... I really can’t say much more without spoiling the fun. Think blood and guts, growling ghouls staggering in the shrubbery or corralled in an old warehouse."
- Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

"A whirlwind of a 90 minute theatre ride that will leave you breathless and laughing."
- Cecilia Lu, Vancity Buzz

"The Zombie Syndrome: On Death Island is an awesome interactive play that has you participating in the story. What fun! If you have a teenager I can’t think of a better activity to do with them than kill Zombies. This is like Vancouver's own 'World War Z'. I had a great time."
- Marc Smith (via CTV Morning News, Twitter & #30DayAdventures)

"@TheVirtualStage kudos cast&crew! bloody marvellous performance of The Zombie Syndrome. Get a taste, but don't get bit til Nov 3 #theatre"
- Vancouver Broadcaster Katie Bennison (via Twitter)

"140 chars is too few to say just how much fun I had on @TheVirtualStage's #ZombieSyndrome. Thrilling, inventive, playful & wholly original."
- Brian Paterson (via Twitter)

"It was in all honesty one of the most fun things I've done all year. I can't recommend it to enough people!!!"
- Andrea Westaway (via Twitter)

"Just had the best of time at #zombiesyndrome. So much more worth it than #FrightNights & any other Halloween things I've done! It's SO MUCH FUN! I'm planning to go again!"
Stephanie Wiriahardja (via Twitter)

"Sorry world - we failed.....but oh my goodness, what a blast!!!! We had an amazing time - the story was great, the acting was fantastic and the effects and staging unbelievable!!! Cannot wait till The Virtual Stage's next outing!!!"
- Heather Cook Anderson (via Facebook)

"Barely recognized @TheVirtualStage's #ZombieSyndrome, what an amazing change in year 2! Expanded sets, upgraded interactions, alt endings..."
- Cecilia Lu (via Twitter)

"Went to #ZombieSyndrome tonight with @TheKatPiper Sooo freaking awesome!! #epicfun"
- Brianna Rossi (via Twitter)

"I had an amazing time at #ZombieSyndrome. Fighting the apocalypse + choose your own adventure = a great Tuesday night"
- Marco Pasqua (via Twitter)

"Didn't think it was possible but this year was even better than last year!"
- Teri Walker (via Facebook)

"Just got home from our mission tonight. Another great event (did the one last year and had to do it this year). Can't wait to see what you come up with for 2014. Thanks for a fun evening!"
- Jeanne McKinlay Hansen (via Facebook)

"Great time! Lots of fun. Check it out! So many great decisions to make and cool makeup too."
- Steven Dancer (via Facebook)

"Extraordinary! Truly amazing!"
- Rafael Abib (via Facebook)

A surprising trek... Makes for some kidlike fun... I was so into it and so determined to protect the innocent that I might have derailed the performance if firm hands hadn’t stopped me...  It's kind of a trip and it's original.
- Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

A rollicking good time, and definitely something out of the ordinary. It’s a great concept and I’d love to see more takes on this type of roving audience participation theatre in the future.
- Kimberley Davison, vanvantage.com

It’s a brilliant concept, and wonderfully crafted by The Virtual Stage. I honestly want to spill my guts about this experience, but you really have to see it for yourself!
  - Dan Culic, Homorazzi

This unique theatre experience is as close as anyone can get to making “Choose Your Own Adventure” books a reality...  The factor of surprise is what makes this production so special...
  - Anja Savcic, Vancouver Weekly

I had fun and really enjoyed the innovative concept of this show...  Worth checking out...
- Tessa Perkins, Press+1

Vancouver seems to have set a standard for site-specific theatre... The Virtual Stage – which specializes in multi-media presentations – has taken things a step further with The Zombie Syndrome... A uniquely fun adventure...
- David C. Jones, The Charlebois Post

Writer and director Andy Thompson effectively puts us on edge early into the show, as we quickly found ourselves constantly looking over our shoulders for the next zombie interaction...  What could be described as The Amazing Zombie Race, the prize at the end of The Zombie Syndrome isn’t a million dollars, but the supposed satisfaction in knowing that you (hopefully) saved mankind.
Mark Robins, Gay Vancouver.net

Just back from The Virtual Stage's production of The Zombie Syndrome! It was fantastic, and I highly recommend it! Probably one of the best interactive shows I've been on - lots of fun, and some big plot twists along the way. The rain didn't hurt one bit!
  - Megan Gray

Thanks Andy Thompson & The Virtual Stage for The Zombie Syndrome!!! This is the most interactive theatre I've ever experienced! A brilliant concept, and so much fun!
  - Dawn Zoe

Went to the 3:30 show today and our entire group had an amazing time!!! So fantastic, everyone involved was fun, and did a great job! We can't wait till next year - will definitely be back!
- Heather Cook Anderson

So amazing. Wonderful acting, stupendous make up. Wish I could see it again!
- Teri Walker

I was there too and couldn't agree more! Well done, what a great adventure!
- Karen Bond

Loved your show! Keep making great shows like this please!
- Steven Pugh

We had a great time tonight on our zombie adventure. Thanks so much to the cast and crew - you were all amazing!
  - Lisa Wylie

Did the Zombie Syndrome today and had a blast! Kudos to all those who made such a fun afternoon. Time and money well spent. Thanks!
  - Jeanne McKinlay Hansen

This show was awesome.
- Evelyn Chew

Phenomenal experience.
  - Kristin Hauff

Tons of fun!!
  - Owen Barrett

Great show!
  - Gabriel Crane

Great show! We had lots of fun! :)
- Angela Hamre 

Great job Guys! Went to the show on Wednesday. LOVED how interactive it was! Are you going to be doing another one? Maybe we have to save Santa!
  - Shannon Boudreau

Had so much fun at #ZombieSyndrome by @TheVirtualStage, I had to do a video review. youtu.be/kpN3vIXfLh4
- Justin Saint

Did #zombiesyndrome tonight - a truly awesome experience. Live interactive theatre at its best. #recommended!
- Will Woods, Forbidden Vancouver

Had an AMAZING adventure tonight!! I LOVED IT!! @TheVirtualStage #ZombieSyndrome
  - Dru Chan

Had a blast at #ZombieSyndrome. A clever idea perfectly executed. Actors were fantastic, can't say enough about how great it was! Go see it!
- Brent Furdyk

"The Zombie Syndrome" was an awesome experience by The Virtual Stage, looking forward to more.
- DJMissBlue

ZOMBIES IN VANCOUVER! Had so much fun doing #ZombieSyndrome
- Kerry Morrow 

#zombiesyndrome awesome experience this Saturday! Loved the 'adventure'! Great use of tech in an innovative way. Thanks.
- Helen

#zombiesyndrome wicked awesome fun! Hope they do it again next year
- Lisa Mack

Running around Vancouver looking for a cure. Awesome! #ZombieSyndrome http://www.thevirtualstage.org/zombies/

Saw a preview of The Zombie Syndrome last night. What an entertaining, unique performance, check it out!
- Ruven K.

Loved loved loved #zombiesyndrome I hope it'll come back next year!
  - @Engel82

@TheVirtualStage It was a really fun experience :) Thanks for putting on such an awesome show
- Allan C

@TheVirtualStage #zombiesyndrome was a wicked date, muchos fun indeed! #YVRlovestheirzombies
  - Lauren Jackson

If you have a free night in Vancouver you should check out #zombiesyndrome You will not be disappointed
  - Lisa Mack

#ZombieSyndrome was super fun! Adrenaline, paranoia, smiling uncontrollably all part of the @TheVirtualStage production.
  - Mashed Thoughts

Zombie Syndrome was so much fun!
  - SeaPotato

The zombie syndrome was actually a lot of fun!
  - Neven Szary

It was a blast, even in the rain.. zombies don't care about the weather!
  - lopezdee

Links to Past Zombie Syndrome Productions

The Zombie Syndrome (Vancouver 2012)
The Zombie Syndrome: On Death Island (Granville Island 2013)
On Death's Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome (Gastown 2014)


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